How to Clean Gold and Rose Gold Plated Jewelry?

Our plated jewelry are very delicate pieces. To long lasting that plated layer life is important to take care in the right way. Here you have some tips to keep clean your beloved pieces. 
Gold Plated Jewelry will not tarnish instead, get dirty with dust, chemical, perfume or lotions. To guarantee a long lasting life on your need to be cleaning with care. After wearing them, clean it with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt. Pat dry with a soft cloth and store.

If they need deep cleaning, wash it using a mix of any mild detergent like dish soap and lukewarm water (not too hot not to cold). Soak your jewelry for 5 minutes and bush gently (if need it) using an extra soft brush. Then, rinse with clean warm water. Finally, let it dry or pat dry with a soft cloth. Storing in a box, pouch or plastic bag when is completely dry. 

NEVER use abrasives compounds to clean it, because can cause the plated goes off.